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Mombasa beach Introduction  

Mombasa, facing the Indian Ocean coastline, there are many beautiful beach resorts, where the blue sea and sky and all over the white sand beach.
In Mombasa, sea sports are very popular, visitors can taste a variety of marine activities in the blue sea, diving, water skiing, parachuting, sailing, fishing and other activities can fully enjoy the joy of play, but also enjoy the the Yijing Ming Mei scenery, and a journey into Fantasyland.



The seashore of Mombasa, there are a lot of fresh seafood and rich crab, lobster, just picked up on the cook for the guests to eat and delicious. With other entertainment devices, such as nightclubs, casinos, tourists, even in this up for several days, and never will be bored.
Beautiful tropical beach and the charming white sandy beaches are reserved for to Ken tourists, one of the most impressed by the place. Stretch of long white beaches, vast expanse of the blue color of the sea, seaside hotels, a seat of various shapes and lush tropical plants, no not let you feel good nostalgia. You can enjoy a dip in the ocean leisurely sunbathing on the beach by a glass vessel to watch the marine fish in the sea can also conduct various water sports, such as: diving, motorboat, windsurfing, deep sea fishing.
Africa''''s charm lies in the mysterious and dreamy, this rendering is mainly from the vagaries of the clouds and the wilderness of grasslands, combination of heaven and earth, composed of the most harmonious symphony of life, and therefore to ease the civilized sense of alienation, thus closer to the integrity of the world. This should just permit Thoreau''''s famous quote: "the world is retained and the wilderness.



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