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Introducing Te Kanna Lake  

The Te Kanna lake (Lake Turkana) is legendary (Green Lake), the lake is located in northern Kenya, the lake is 290 km long and 16-48 km wide, is Kenya''''s largest saltwater lake, wildlife, Paradise, is haileddesert Pearl. Lakeshore around almost barren, the fishery resources within a lake, the lake sinister and seductive comparable, the lake has many volcanic islands, especially the desert inland sea, Khanna lake there is a wild particularly fascinating is the located in the northeastern coast of the Xi Biluo according to the national Park (Sibiloi National Park). sword angle antelope, the East African black-faced timid antelope and zebra are concentrated in the Lake region of a long and narrow with plenty of moisture in this region makes the short grass lush, and in the the lake visitors will see Africa survived a crocodile group.



In the park center, thousands of square miles of fossil beds cover the African Pleistocene period, a natural museum. Found the earliest human form, also found their brothers dating back more than 2.6 million years agothe human skull fossils of Australopithecus fossils (Austyafopithecine), Te Kanna Lake and the surrounding area collectively referred to as the cradle of humanity] is by far the earliest human remains.



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