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Mount Kenya  

Mount Kenya, this second highest peak in Africa by the local Kikuyu people as the sacred kingdom of the god Ngai. Traditionally, all Kikuyu''s house for this sacred peak, they call Kirinyaga, meaning of light.

This mountain range is a stunning landscape. Rolling mountain peak covering of snow, and dense forest on steep slopes. At dawn, the early morning light outlines the striking silhouette of the peak, overlooking the surrounding prairie.
Climbing Mount Kenya''s journey will take about 3-5 days, through a charming world, from temperate forests and wildlife to the unique alpine plants, and finally appeared in front of is a very rare wonders of equatorial snow. The technical requirements of the 5199 meters the highest peak on the mountain climbing is relatively high, slightly lower that the peak (4985 m), Lerner, any strong climbers can easily climb to the top. Mountain climbing for those who do not want to cool the foot of the mountain highlands is also worth visiting. The forest is a good place to watch wildlife, crystal clear mountain streams teem with many trout.



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