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group c: 2012 Wild in Africa - Kenya wildlife migration photographic visit to the  

Creative Time: August 6, 2012 - August 17, the number of travel days: 12 days
Masai Mara creation time: 5 days
Departure Location: Guangzhou
1, the trip attractions arrangement does not fly, do not waste valuable time to catch the many attractions of the road, Masai Mara arrangements for a full five days time to create, and arranged to go to the Mara river more across the river waiting point shooting shooting wildebeest crossing the river has greatly increased.
2, the group take the international flights Kenya Airways Boeing 767 wide-body airliner, which is currently the only direct flights to Kenya flights and transit flights are flying at night, morning 6:05 local time assigned to Nairobi after direct drive to the national park. In this way, that does not waste valuable creative time of Photographic.
3, through these years of tour experience, most of the flamingos in Kenya from Lake Nakuru to fly to Borg Elijah Lake, it is estimated that one million, and Borg Leah Lake allowed to get off camera. so you are free to shoot the spectacle of tens of thousands of flamingos explosive takeoff, and Borg Leah Lake geothermal steam, so shoot out the flamingos film great atmosphere.
4, the group led by Jing Shi teacher stone teacher has to go to Kenya with photographers, photographic itinerary in Africa is extremely familiar with, the whole exchange and the members at any time.
5, the regiment throughout the other arrangements of a local familiar with the wildlife habits of the black tour guide led different across the river Mara point line very familiar with the exchange and each driver will find the leopard, cheetah, lion The group is very important, take to the probability of wildebeest crossing the river will be greatly increased.
6, the schedule of the group arranged according to the photographers, morning and evening the best time will be in the creation of ordinary tours in stark contrast.
D1, 8 Month Guangzhou - Nairobi: 18:00 pm collection of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, will line before. 21:00 pm by Kenya Airways to fly to Nairobi. Accommodation: on the plane
D2, August 7, Nairobi - Lake Borg Leah: early morning 6:05 arrived in Nairobi (breakfast) on Meet the group drove to Bogeliya Lake, passing through the scar on Earth - the Great Rift Valley, Shooting a spectacular Rift Valley. Lake Bogeliya is a saltwater lake in the Great Rift Valley, Lake has many geothermal steam, a large number of flamingos inhabit the wetlands of the lake is more than 200 kinds of bird life home in the afternoon Bogeliya Lake Photography creation, you can get off the freedom to take the lakeside. Places: Borg Maria Lake
D3, one million flamingos Lake on the filming of August 8 Borg Leah lake - Lake Nakuru: the morning to continue the Borg Leah Lake feeding, explosive take-off spectacular scene. After breakfast, drive to another "bird paradise" Lake Nakuru National Park, shooting the scene of hundreds of thousands of flamingos flying playing on the water in the park in the afternoon. Places: Nakuru
D4, August 9, Lake Nakuru Lake: Good morning Peak overhead the dawn of the lake, flamingos in the lake dense. All-day shooting clouds of flamingos, pelicans, shooting giraffe, antelope, baboons, buffalo, zebra and white rhino and other rare and very expensive, if lucky enough you can shoot the lion lying on a tree by the lake leopard. Places: that kuru
D5, August 10, Lake Nakuru - Masai Mara: After breakfast at the world-famous wildlife sanctuaries - Masai Mara in the afternoon by the convertible van to search for shooting lions, cheetahs, zebras, antelope, wildebeest and other variety of animals. Places: Masai Mara
D6 11 day Masai Mara creation: Masai Mara Wildlife Refuge is the documentary "Animal World" on location in Africa, an area of ​� km2, range of animals and a huge number. All-day drive in the park looking for Africa Five Hegemons "- lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino traces. Places: Masai Mara
D7, August 12, day Masai Mara creation: July and August, the East African grassland wildlife migration season, tens of millions of wildebeest, zebra and other animals mighty Race Across the Mara River, lions, cheetahs , hyenas and other carnivores followed by opportunistic hunting. Mara river waiting for the shot, lucky shot to the mighty wildebeest cross the river, the highlights of crocodile predation. Places: Masai Mara
D8, 13 day Masai Mara creation: In the morning you can choose their own expense the African grasslands, hot air balloon from the air overhead in a variety of migratory animals, to the Mara wildebeest crossing the river point, all day waiting shooting wildebeest cross the river, the crocodile ambush wildebeest, flocks of vultures eating the Mara river wildebeest, zebra bodies of the tragic scene. Places: Masai Mara
D9, 14 day Masai Mara creation: to continue throughout the day in the Masai Mara search for shooting a variety of wildlife, to the Mara wildebeest crossing the river point, waiting for all day shooting wildebeest crossing the river scene. Places: Masai Mara
D10, August 15 Masai Mara - Marseille villages: all-day search for a variety of animal tracks, focus on shooting wildebeest migration scene. Afternoon to Marseilles village, and African tribes up close, shot Marseille village, Marseille, portraits, unique folk customs in Africa (at their own expense: $ 20 / person). Places: the town of Narok
D11, August 16, Narok-Nairobi: breakfast return to Nairobi, afternoon cityscape photography: the Kenyatta Conference Center, Freedom Square, the Presidential Office, the High Court. Free to buy the local black wood carving local products, coffee, tea, etc.. Night 22:15 by Kenya Airways departure. Accommodation: on the plane
D12, May 17 afternoon, 16:50 minutes arrived at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, the happy end of the journey of African photography.
One charges:
The costs include: round-trip international air tickets, foreign airport taxes, visa fees, travel expenses, accommodation, tickets, 300,000 personal accident insurance.
Cost does not include:
A delegation from the seat to the departure airport round-trip transportation costs
2, outside the guide and driver, $ 15 / day
3, baggage waiter each service a U.S. $ / times
4, a variety of laundry, telephone and all the costs of a private nature
5, to overrun and traffic extension resistance, strikes, natural disasters, the Company can not control factors that cause additional costs, at their own expense item and did not mention costs
6, the fines for violation of the provisions of the local national parks and protected areas.
7 to the other side of the Mara River, such as shooting, need to buy bridge tickets at their own expense to repeat $ 80 / person / times.
8, the domestic segment of air fares
Second, the reception standards:
Accommodation: full local 4-5 star hotel double room accommodation. Arising from the single room by the guest, single room: 6000 yuan / person
Transportation: 9 convertible dedicated van, per vehicle seats four people, such as the requirement to three people / vehicles, need fill fare: 2500 yuan / person
3 meals: Nairobi arrangements for lunch, the park for the hotel buffet Western
4, tickets: travel attractions tickets listed
5 per person per day for two bottles of mineral water
Guide: full photography leader 1, a local Chinese tour guides.
Third, the visa information:
1, private passport valid for six months or more
2, two 2-inch color hat recent photograph
3, ID copies of both sides
Visa Personal Data Sheet (Click to download: WORD format Kenya visa application Personal Information Form. Doc (35.5 KB)
PDF format Kenya visa application Personal Information Form. Pdf (52.71 KB))
5, the applicant''s work unit 2 blank letterhead and official seal, or retirement certificate.
Fourth, the Notes for Applicants:
A limit at 18, served early closure team to receive the registration fee shall prevail.
2,7 in late March to early August, is the best season of the Kenya Wildlife photography, photographers and many tourists, the extreme tension of airline seats and scenic hotel accommodation, please register early.
Determine Offered the first to report the name fee of 5000 yuan / person, remitted to the company after the balance visa.
4, two or more group registration Tuangou Jia
, Tuan Goujia Bird Discount Description:
1 registration concessions
2 people enroll 400 yuan per person discount
3 people at the same registration discount 600 yuan per person,
4 people enroll promotions 800 yuan per person.
Five people register at the same time more than 1000 yuan per person discount.
Enjoy Tuangou Jia conditions: 1, people must register 2, Customers must register on June 6.
Six: Tips:
1, this group special arrangements in the creation of Marseille Maradona days to ensure that there is sufficient time to shoot the animal migration scene and arranged to go to the Mara river creation, so that shot into the wildebeest crossing the river has greatly increased.
2, take the vehicle unless equipped with radio, team leader for each vehicle equipped with a walkie-talkie, to facilitate the exchange.
3, each member presented a landscape photography, net photography vest, a British power converter outlet.
, And the other presented each member of a Kenya map, a Masai Mara wildebeest crossing the river route diagram, a Kenya Wildlife photography Raiders.
5, detailed itinerary, the group flights and hotel reception standards to a group notification message shall prevail.


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