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Nakuru Profile  

Nakuru Profile
City of Kenya, the capital of the Rift Valley Province. In the southwest on the plateau, Menand Ghai crater south. Population of 101,000 (1983). Mombasa - Uganda railway station in 1900 as the rise. Animal products, coffee, tea distribution center. Processing of agricultural products, wool, leather, wood processing industry. Railway hub, stem extension through Nairobi, Kisumu, Kitale.
Nakuru National Park (NAKURU) located in the Rift Valley Province, Nakuru town, covers an area of ​? square kilometers, an altitude of 1753-2073 is a park created specifically for the protection of birds. To flamingos, Lake Nakuru, famous for the lake in a volcanic zone, lake, high salinity, suitable as a flamingo staple food of plankton growth. In addition, the garden, about 450 kinds of birds, In addition to birds in the park there are a variety of large animals, such as colobus monkeys, jumping rabbit, non-clawed otter, rock raccoon, black rhino. Lake area, ranging from 5-30 square kilometers, with the rainy season changes, in 1960 the lake was designated as a bird sanctuary, expanded into a national park in 1968, the National Park is Africa''''s first protected birds



Small knowledge: flamingo, also known as red zygomatic, proportioned, the feathers black, white, rose, scarlet, like clustering, often gathered more than ten thousand, far overlooking, bright Ruxia, bright exception. Distributed in the Mediterranean, northwest India and the West Indies, inhabits temperate Salt Lake waterfront, shrimp, clams, insects, algae for food.



Nakuru municipal equatorial monsoon climate. Annual temperature between 6 to 25 ° C in April, the rainy season.
Recommended play time: half a day
Best tourist season:
The tourist season is from December to March and from July to September.

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