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Mombasa Profile  

Mombasa Profile
Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya, Coast Province, the provincial capital. Located along the southeast coast on the Indian Ocean. The city center is located in Mombasa island causeway and railway bridge connected with the mainland. Population of about 440,000. Ancient times as an important commercial port, the port was built in the 11th century by the Arabs. 1895 to 1907 who the British East Africa, the colonial capital of. Is now the country''''s major industrial and commercial center, the largest harbor of the port for the east coast of Africa.



Mombasa excellent beaches, and the strong contrast between ancient and modern buildings attract many tourists each year nearly 40 million foreign tourists come to visit in Mombasa, the true center that is still located in the narrow windingstreets and Arabic architecture into strange city.
The end of Mombasa is also the Uganda - Kenya Railway tourists to the most common mode of transport in Mombasa Trains from Nairobi in the evening starting to reach Mombasa in the morning, a second car is pretty good sleeper, facilities and services, also serves dinner and breakfast, travel way to save time and money.


Cultural geography
Mombasa is one of the oldest cities in East Africa, 500 BC and Egypt, and from sailing by a variety of cultural influence in Arabia, India, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the formation of the port has a unique atmosphere. A street in the urban areas, there are two side-by-side cross ivory carving between vehicles and pedestrians through its next city full of a monument. The city has 49 mosques, of which one was built in 1570, around the Muslims are doing to come here to worship. Portuguese came to Mombasa in the late 15th century, making it east to conquer an important nautical base. Excellent port conditions, it is always in contention among the maritime powers. Island "Mombasa" means "island" of war, a reflection of its bitter history. Fort Jesus (Fort Jesus) on the beach overlooking the bay, this 16th century castle is center of the Portuguese Armed Forces Arab history of the war to compete for the right to control of the coast of Kenya. After the Portuguese in the Indian Ocean in danger of losing the other European maritime powers, in 1720 the withdrawal of Mombasa. In 1822, Britain declared Mombasa a British protectorate, and the appointment of the Governor to manage. Since then, Mombasa became a British territory until 1963. (History)


Mombasa, the city was connected to the line with the mainland of Mombasa Island, the island area of ​󈑙 square kilometers, but the urban area of ​? square kilometers of the continent. The climate is tropical maritime climate, the highest annual average temperature of 32.7 ° C, minimum 20.0 ° C. Throughout the year are suitable for various water activities. A population of about 500,000.
Recommended play time: one day
Best tourist season:
The four seasons.

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