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Bo Kayseri National Park Profile  

Bo Kayseri National Park Profile



Bo Kayseri National Park is located in the Kenyan border, the park area of 392 square kilometers, close to the mist-shrouded the summit of Africa - Kilimanjaro, attracting group after group of tourists to come. The animals here Masai Mara rich, but because there is no tall vegetation obscured, but easier to track the beast easier to see their prey.
To enter the the Ambrose the Kayseri national park, the first can be seen year-round dry Bo Kayseri Lake (only slightly during the rainy season, when the see the lake), where from time to time spectacular mirage famous. Bo Kayseri is the meaning of the "dry lake".


Observation Hill and nearby is a very good viewing places in the Observation Hill near Enkongo Narok swamp, a good place to watch black rhinos, hippos, elephants, wildebeest, gazelle and buffalo. Observation Hill Kioko Beside the lake north of the oasis is a bird-watching destination, you can see flocks of flamingo, white Tang geese, and crown cranes, Egyptian geese.


$ 60
Opening hours:
Recommended play time: one day
Best tourist season:
7 to October best. As Kilimanjaro blocked most of the rain aha Kayseri dry and hot, from July to October are warm and dry, this period is more suitable for travel.





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