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Leap in Masai Mara, Kenya, giraffe breakfast  

Well versed in the comfort and enjoyment of the Road, as one writer described: "She mysterious and wild, is a paradise for photographers she is a wish your heart to stand up to any interpretation she has all the face ofnever boring. "


肯尼亚动物乐园Kenya animal parks

Kenya has always been known as the "rich man''''s vacation paradise. The early 20th century, "to go to Kenya is one of the high society in Europe and America are willing to talk about every year a large number of Western ladies and gentlemen sitting in the ships, and then take the train, billows of smoke, the pain suffered bumps into East Africa continent. Whether it is really adventurous nature like arty, in short, this is a trip worth much to show off travel. Even today, celebrities, dignitaries to Kenya holiday is still a pretty face thing.
1935 Ernest Hemingway in his famous Kenyan hunting Notes African Castle Peak "wrote: two Americans to do a" like a gentile safaris to Kenya, about $ 20,000. In those days, there is no doubt a huge sum, so go or not affordable Kenya hunting is the wealth of a watershed.
However, expensive is not Kenya is defined as "luxury travel" the only reason, not even the most important. Why do people love East Africa? Here is the world''''s most important wildlife viewing area, that human beings can be like the Garden of Eden era, intimate contact with a myriad of beautiful creatures and wilderness travel is always in possession of infinite surprise here familiar with the comfort and enjoyment of the Road is described as a writer: "She mysterious and wild, is a photographer''''s paradise she is a wish your heart to stand up to any interpretation she has all of the face, and never boring."


与长颈鹿共进早餐Breakfast with the giraffes

Breakfast with the giraffes
Prior to arrival, have seen too much Giraffe Manor (Giraffe Manor) reported, "the world''''s top ten new hotel," the world''''s top ten romantic hotels "list can not live without its name, has already become the world''''s tourists honeymoon Family Family Fun in the land of dreams.
6 Rothschild giraffe manor dwelling, they are one of the world''''s most valuable giraffe species, second only to Niger giraffe. Save the Rothschild giraffe conservation project at the beginning of this manor in 1974, was the grandson of a Scottish earl 克雷斯列梅尔 Wheeler and his American wife Betty bought the estate. Then they two endangered Rothschild giraffe into the estate. Living here is the third generation, fourth generation of the giraffe.
Estate everywhere in the design of the old Scottish hunting lodge, the green lawn before the house. Manor houses located on higher ground, stood in the doorway you can see the distant magnificent the Ngon mountain (Ngong Hills).
"Lynn, Marlon, Daisy, Betty ...", lord of the manor Kaer Ha Terre (Carr-Hartley) and his wife to their home six giraffes have taken the name, the name of a giraffe named after their six-room. The photos on the wall, painting, sculpture, and even the handles of the vase, and giraffe graceful appearance. The giraffe, and elegant at the Manor House pacing up and down, drink water, eat the leaves of the manor wall, or with a damp, long rough tongue, swept away from the palm of your hand snack. You have to do is to stay, love it.
Late 9:00, 6 Manor giraffe will stroll into the room through the window or door, the probe head into the room looking for a delicious breakfast. Even in the windowsill on the second floor of the room, also equipped with a bucket of snacks to eat giraffe. Lying on the white bed, do not you do a dream feed giraffes, giraffe will head out from outside the window come to haunt you want snacks to eat. When they rushed to gaze fondly flashing long eyelashes you really put all the snacks to give it to eat are willing.
Ear, the bird was in full swing. Distant, the sky was clear, green everywhere. Bird giraffe named Helen, is licking away the snacks we palms.


准备起飞的热气球Ready to fly a hot air balloon

Over the Masai Mara
5:00 in the morning to get up, cup of coffee and eat biscuits, starting before the sun rises to find the animal, about 10 o''''clock hot, back to the resort, supplemented eat breakfast rest, then lunch, siesta or swimming, reading again starting around 16:00 to find the animal back to the resort about 7:00 after the sun goes down and then dinner, enjoy the local Maasai dance, or read, to sleep. This is a typical life in Masai Mara. The time of the Masai Mara, based on animal developed as the center. The animal activist sent the animal rest also rest. In the Masai Mara, the animal is the protagonist. Masai Mara protected area was established in 1961, an area of ​? square km. Protected areas, about 95 kinds of mammals and 450 species of birds, is one of the world''''s best wildlife sanctuaries.
World Wide Fund for Nature, August 23, 2006 announced the netizens voted the world''''s top ten list of must visit places, Masai Mara wildlife sanctuaries fourth. WWF website commented that the Masai Mara Wildlife Refuge is one of Africa''''s most stunning wildlife park.
Although the lion is the master of the Masai Mara, but here are the most famous is the annual July to September natural wonders - Animal migration. Tanzania, Serengeti National Park, connected to the Masai Mara Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of ​​比马赛马拉 seven times, this whole area is the largest number in the world today and most varied fauna inhabit and Pleistocene from the the last vestiges of today about 260 million to a million years of ecosystem. May and June each year, the number of living here, millions of wildebeest, zebra, moose, African elephants and other herbivores and their natural enemies, lions, leopards, wolves, flocked to the Kenya direction migration. Former herbivores, carnivores, followed, this mighty army of animals, sometimes up to 10 kilometers, said that when at its peak, the angle of the number of the horses as much as 1.4 million. 80 September, the animal army again in the opposite direction migration. This is a unique and spectacular the world. In overwhelming angle horses, zebra seems to be submerged, only dotted. Lion, crocodile tracks the sound to the beginning of harvest fruitful hunting. In choppy Mara, the wildebeest is deposited on the south bank of the river, desperate to cross the Mara River, from crocodile to open the Xuepentaikou toward the lush grass prairie.
We did not catch up with the mighty heaven crossing ", but fortunate enough to arrive the next morning, a hot air balloon from the air, looked at the vast flat African savannah, and fast-Benz animals.
12 people divided into two groups standing on both sides of the basket, the captain and an assistant in the middle, we began a wonderful travel experience adventurer. Take-off, we are firmly grabbed a safety rope. Balloon with the natural rhythm of the wind in slowly rise. Not far away, a colorful hot-air balloon is being prepared. Fly, the sun also rises, little by little, the golden sun rendering the clouds of the horizon.
As the hot air balloon slowly drift more and more sight into the eye. First to see a lioness is chasing the bite prey then hordes of antelopes, zebras and elephants the most is the small Thompson gazelle (Gazella thomsoni), from the air to see hundreds of brightly colored antelope in the dark green grassland on the run, is also a spectacular scenery.
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