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Drumming to Kenya to eat ants (Figure)  


Mombasa is the second largest city in Africa and Kenya, but also the Chinese merchant ships frequented the port. Our ship to Mombasa, Qieluo Nuo enthusiasm of local friends invited us to experience the customs of the "Drumming to eat ants eating.
"Drumming" refers to the dining process is almost not speak, customers and waiters rely on the drums are way exchange. We walked into the restaurant, a slim young woman is tapping his waist snare drum, lead us to be seated, and said "welcome meal". Seated, Qie Luonuo we hit the table drum looked, said "a la carte". I saw the kitchen out of another woman, came to the table, hard percussion drum. Qieluo Nuo Ce Guotou tell us that this is what we eat. Then Qieluo Nuo gestures on the menu several times, and then hand tapping the snare drum on the table, it was said that "each person to be a vegetable, a staple food.
Soon, the waitress Satisfy generous disk out of the kitchen, which was actually fired into the focus of black ants and black bread. Qie Luonuo explained that this is the hospitality of foreign presidential dishes, called "sandwich" of Kenya, the effect of antipyretic heatstroke. Then he skillfully black ants caught in bread by hand, shoveling up with relish. I learn he like to eat a bread holder ants, and quickly sent to the stomach of a beer, feel the fragrance with a bit spicy, taste pretty good. Completed the meal, the door of a young waiter with their fists to hit the drums of eight that "please take a good, welcome to come again. In the eyes of Chinese people, this just is an unlucky number.

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