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Kenya hot air balloon to the point of view of animal migration (Photos)  

Seems to me to see a large animal migration in Kenya is obliged to do in life. So last year I booked a trip to Africa In addition to animals, flying is the theme of this journey, including the world''s highest sand dunes in Namibia, sand-skiing, hot air balloon ride in Kenya to see a large animal migration. Africa is definitely the best view from the air. The balloons take off at the Masai Mara grasslands, 4 o''clock in the morning, we climbed up to get 15 people a balloon flight is an hour and a half. With the loud crash, we slowly leave the ground, the height of the flight did not imagine the high lioness cubs licking smooth hair, you can clearly see the situation. When I was reveling in the affection of the animal kingdom, the lion was a suddenly accelerated toward the migratory journey wildebeest picture shocked the way the animal kingdom the strong against the weak, as a direct, lions bite the upper corner of horse aorta, the angle of Marin resist the opportunity to all. This scene left me shocked no less than the angle of the tens of thousands of horses together Pentium. Back to the camp my own sitting in a daze for a long time, mind went blank. Looking back now may be the contrast of life with me into the fantasy.
Animal migration time: July to September each year large animal migration, but the specific deviation from concerned about animal migration forecast is available online.
How to find the closest contact with animals: I live in the Tree Top Hotel in the grasslands, each room connected to the outside, the British Queen Elizabeth stayed in the honeymoon hotel closest to see the activities of the animals.
Full of hot air balloon to enjoy: a half-hour flight back to the ground to prepare a hearty outdoor breakfast in the shelter of the original ecology of the branches on the table covered with white table linen, as well as champagne and freshly baked bread, and stood around the circle holding sticks and gun guardian.
Spending and reference channels: five friends to look for in order to save expenses I, selected by the usual means of transport are more expensive four-wheel drive, the whole 13 days each person spent nearly RMB 40 000.
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