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Kenya is one of the origin of the East African carvings. The woodcarving best to Mombasa, the place of the workshop-cum-store in the city called the Akamba handcraft price tag, quality assurance. The majority of Kenyans believe that the best carvers in Kenya, East Wakamba, the production of wood carving, particularly carving animal is known for.
East African carvings in the African art market, the brightest spot in the prestigious international art market. East African wood carvings selection stress. In general, many of the African tropical hardwood can be used as wood raw material, but the most prestigious or ebony. Ebony, also known as Ebony, is a perennial evergreen trees are distributed in East Africa.
East African carvings produced very personalized, there is no certain mode can be followed, the design and production depends on the vision and skills of the craftsmen, and the production of the mood and feelings.
Special Note: Please try to purchase the use of environmentally friendly materials, wood carvings, including the introduction and renewable trees such as crape myrtle, mango, Eucalyptus, Neem. Encourage the use of these trees as raw material to protect the local environment and support a sustainable carving industry.

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