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Kenya''s wood carvings, distinctive


A distinctive local craft souvenirs
Shopping is an indispensable component in the tourism, full of local characteristics, souvenirs, and contains a rich exotic and colorful folk culture, and memorable. Kenya memorabilia market is extremely rich, but in the purchase of the first, the best understanding of the relevant provisions of the Kenya Customs. Exit Kenya to bring wildlife-based products, there are strict restrictions prohibit the export of elephant, rhino and sea turtle products. Ostrich egg can not provide proof of purchase from legitimate ostrich farms would be confiscated.
The wood carving is undoubtedly the most worthy of special souvenirs to buy, especially black wood carving is the most precious. The black wood (ebony), also known as ebony or ebony, is a precious hardwood. The heart of the tree is black, the skin of two centimeters was a khaki-colored, not dark wood appearance. Only in central Africa in the world with this tree, and not a forest, the trees only trees. Density of dark wood, placed in the water will sink, but also very hard, so often to see the base of the knife fell carvings selling carvings, shows that even a sharp blade can not be left in the wood scratches to prove genuine. Sometimes in the workshop or the market will see the craftsmen or businessmen to smear shoe polish on the black wood carving, need not surprise, doing so can make the whole work more luster more charm, not all fraud, shoddy move. In addition to the dark wood, a hardwood Rose wood (rosewood) is widely used in engraving, faintly visible on the ocher wood texture, have a flavor compared with the dark wood, the same popular.
However, if you are an environmental enthusiast, can not fail to note the fact that Kenya a year for the carved hardwood up to 80,000 trees, so huge consumption has been a serious threat to the survival of ebony. Some insight is actively initiative to switch to after the special treatment of the fast-growing species in sculpture is said to have the effect of the real thing.
Kenya''s woodcarving have a high artistic achievement. Each piece can be called art. No mold, no pipeline, from the creators of observation, imagination, and two hands, each piece is unique. The tool of choice is an ax, chisel, rasp and sandpaper, without any mechanical equipment. From concept selection to carving, sanding, polishing, there is a complex set of processes, you need to spend a lot of time and effort. Even a seemingly simple statue takes about 15 days to complete. Locals say they carved each piece has a profound meaning. Theme of the creation of more wildlife, Masai and other traditional themes, there are many very contemporary and abstract color shapes. In wild animals, especially the five most common animal. The so-called five animals, the lion, elephant, leopard, rhino and buffalo, glance from East Africa. In addition, giraffes, antelope, warthog, and both can become the object of creation, looked realistic, lifelike. Armed with spear and shield, wearing red, slender body and facial Qing Jue Masai wood carvings, into a wealth of national characteristics and customs, it is worth collecting. Another is called "the woodcarving creation of the family tree, cylindrical, hollow middle, surrounded by different human posture look superimposed layers, a complete performance of the local people a living scene artistic achievement high, is quite fascinating.
Wood carving of the price difference is large, ranging from two hundred shillings to the thousands of dollars, which to some extent depends on the material and size of the wood carving, but more by the idea of ​​the work and process decision. In general, the arts and crafts boutiques are superior, the price is much more expensive than the ordinary market, but much less room for bargaining.
Soap stone (soapstone) is widely used to produce plates, ashtrays, and sculpture. Soft materials, so the lines compared to wood carving is more mellow, with bright colors and patterns, very attractive. The only drawback is brittle and fragile, and too heavy and inconvenient to carry.
Sisal package is also very popular souvenirs, variety, and affordable. Generally only one or two hundred shillings pouch bulky set with the skin side, about ten dollars. Some packets in the sisal in the baobab bark woven, very fine, the price of the corresponding higher. Small sisal package can be used to dress a small object, portable, convenient and practical. Some sisal package uniquely designed, highly decorative and fashion sense, and carrying it to go in the street has its own charm. There is a simple shape of a circular exposure sisal package, the locals mentioned it to buy food, but also a King.
, Handmade percussion section is recommended, looks original and quaint. Knock up a vigorous Effort, turns out to be very impressive, either to decorate the doors to hang on the wall, but also a musical instrument entertain. Banana skin painting and African painting, batik painting also has a highly decorative, they are more than reflect the labor scene, holiday cheer and reproductive fertility worship, flowing lines and simple, bold and rich with color, and passionate. Buy after returning home a little mounting, is a very fine gift. Dotted with a leather slippers with beads or shells in the tourism market is also quite popular, both beautiful and practical, reasonable price, about four or five hundred shillings a pair.
The jewelry is always a favorite with women. In Kenya, the most common and most eye-catching jewelry was undoubtedly Marseille beads. Into earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bracelets and other small Marseille beads of various colors, and used for decoration of small objects, bright tribes. The price is usually high, is not an easy thing to thread the beads, in dire need of patience and careful. Of course, you may not appreciate this kind of exaggerated style, and prefer to gem grade and applicable, then Kenya will never let you disappointed. Malachite, Tiger Eye, Jasper, ruby, amethyst, turquoise, etc., everything. Seen the movie "Titanic," the audience will surely be impressed by film heroine to wear his "Heart of Ocean". Made the "Haiyangzhixin" is called "tanzanite blue" sapphire production from Tanzania and Kenya, at the junction of Arusha region. Observed from different directions, purple, green, and blue color change, color beautiful, crystal clear and pure, high refractive index, shiny. Currently, this gem is very rare in the country is very expensive, so buy tanzanite blue is a good choice in Kenya. Different grades of tanzanite blue mainly different shades of color, top tanzanite blue 3A class quality 2A is slightly lower, deep purple, A stage was lavender. Recent rumors that Tanzania will strictly limit the mining of tanzanite blue, Suddenly, the price will be driven up, and now one karats tanzanite sapphire at least $ 300. Kenya real estate the Tsavo green "is also valuable for collection. The name suggests, the Tsavo green is the green gem produced from the Tsavo region, glossy vivid colors, very pleasing to the eye, comparable to comparable with the emerald, but is kept in the deep leap person does not know ". If purchased in New York, the price at least twice, so is particularly sought after by Europe and the United States beauty of people.
Home appreciate slowly, back to the local characteristics of music in which the National Tourism and relive the mood when traveling in a beautiful note, recalled the scene scene scene, are a treat. Kenya mall video store, you can buy a very classic East African music and song CD, "Jambo" song, which is Kenya''s music Bible, widely sung. It has earned a global reputation as the ending theme of the Disney animated film "The Lion King" audio annotation of the Kenya trip. In addition, the introduction of the animal kingdom types of books and audio-visual products, exquisitely printed, very informative and interesting, meaningful souvenirs. Do not forget to buy some postcards to send to distant friends and family and let them share with you the fun of traveling in the kingdom of the natural harmony.
The end of the row in Kenya, with some local native returning gifts for relatives is a good idea. Kenya Sambo, well-known, not buy, they are black tea, coffee and nuts. Kenya has a unique geographical, climatic and soil conditions, it is located in the equator, the seasonal variation is small, and tea are available all year round bud tea production. Meanwhile, thanks to a very mature process, Kenyan tea particles Shigemi, bright color Hongyan, heavy taste, enjoy a high reputation in the world. Port city of Mombasa has the world''s second largest tea auction market in Kenya or the United Kingdom''s second largest tea supplier of the raw materials of the latter the famous Lipton tea from Kenya. Available on the market both individually wrapped tea loose tea, tea bags, prices are generally cheaper. Kenya coffee production in recent years continues to rise, up to six million tons last year. From government to small land managers, have high demands on the quality of coffee, Kenya coffee washing and coffee plantations counseling techniques more careful and thoughtful. Kenya coffee is very aromatic, acidic high-density coffee, slightly wine taste like its natural scenery, like food for thought. The only canned coffee sold on the market of instant coffee, most of them need to cook, also can buy coffee beans. Kenya fruit shape and taste are similar to the Hawaiian fruit, crispy and delicious. Kenya Fruit expensive in the country, to take home is a decent and popular gifts to share.

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