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Nairobi, Kenya cultural tours Quest East African ivory tower  

The mention of Kenya, many people will think of the endless savannahs of East Africa, full steam ahead Animal migration, graceful flamingos floodplain ... However, in Nairobi, but also with institutions of higher learning such as Peking University Tsinghua University. This let us follow Sina bloggers nature263 the-footsteps, go to the University of Nairobi find out.


肯尼亚内罗毕大学University of Nairobi, Kenya

University of Nairobi in Kenya a very large area, divided into two colleges, the undergraduate division, a Graduate School, Nairobi main road to the two campuses separated. Leave the university campus has been eight years, and now in East Africa, separated by vast oceans, go to feel the breath of an ivory tower.


The school gate of the fountain, the deer''''s style is very abstract, but very vivid.
喷泉上雕刻的是长颈鹿Fountain carved giraffe

University of Nairobi''''s history can be traced back to 1956, in April of this year the Royal Institute of Technology was established and began to recruit outstanding achievements of secondary school graduates.


教学楼内部的环形楼梯,十分有特色Classroom building within the circular staircase, very unique

On June 25, 1961, the school changed its name to the Nairobi Royal Academy, which is the second University College in East Africa. The Institute has a special relationship with the University of London, training prepare students for the artistic, scientific and technical colleges of the University of London.

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