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Sitting watching the birds quiet fishing Qingshanleila Tage line  



Sit back and birds Jing fishing, this Kenya mountains such as the child crossing the lake, the Eunice regarded as the "North" Basically, Craig elderly treasure. For more than a century ago, a group of European and American celebrity aristocracy missionary explorer revolving door wildly you come to me and I arrived in Africa, the land of fantasy Dream. The chivalrous Marseille Warriors drink blood for the Union gains an enemy Beaux who Zuiwo the flower Yin Xiao look years true nature by wandering beast company. More smile can melt away allies and enemies, and the rest of his life delivered to the hermit of the vast land of Africa expert. 1924 Craig''''s ancestors arrived in the wilderness of the north of Mount Kenya from the United Kingdom, began cattle career.

Sunbirds, known as the "smile" of the African earth. This exception the delight filled noisy nice guy, always makes me smile from early morning. Scarlet Tufted Malachite Sunbird, this long list of names, refused to repeat once again to Mr. Eric. Clutching the top of his son colored stocking cap on his bald, bulging outside the ski jacket tied with red Marseilles National People''''s Congress Shoka "cloak," click Crash gnawing Apple, like foreign tourists, adding that asked: "Will the afternoon program is that? "" Hush, "I said:" Look, look. "" Eunice, I have to find a place to call! "you see, the bird mother bird Fadia, scream so sweet. "Eunice, I went to Pete it!" admitted to the look of the smile, solemnly confessed and said: "Well, LALAMAN (love sleeping person), you come back to fishing go, okay ? "," and also to go? yesterday frozen for a long time did not catch?! "I look at gestures," dinner roast trout fish! Do not you want? "he laughed loudly:" You catch, I eat it really good!? "

No Eric vigorously blowing every few minutes, the noise of the nose, the huts before the suddenly quiet. This couple sunbirds loud crisp songs echoed in the valleys, so that everything around becomes colorful. A hut, wild flowers, pipe Whose flourished someone lost. In front of the kinds of small shallot and rosemary, the most suitable with coarse salt to roast the fresh water of the alpine cold water trout. Craig family at an early age to set the family motto, given enough space for the survival of wild animals of their own ranch, respect for the distance they need. LEWA DOWNS, of a private wildlife sanctuary located in the northern foothills of Mount Kenya today Kenya''''s green private tour of the range of children, Eunice known as private SAFARI Kenya North beggar. Cliff expert is far away, horse illness incense and quiet. Some superb riding the "Moon", all the way from the foot of the mountain pastures to ride five hours I came back, and then climbed the Alice Lake camp fishing. Make three of the five fans of the British fishing master of the best alpine cold water lake brown trout.

"Eunice!" Eric came back, followed behind Pitt. The sun, the birds like to glide in the wind in general, passing trees, and fly away. "I found a place to call!" He was very excited. "Hey, here?!" Very surprised. Pete pointed to behind the house, such as child crossing the "mountain," Bypass mountain behind there is signal. "Eric is very urgent:" We''''re going fishing, etc. I do not! "Looked at Pete, and some hesitation:" Pete you not to LALAMAN clear, certainly to climb so a large portion of the child more than "Pete secretly make faces, pointing can not wait to get out all the way Eric:" to let LALAMAN exercise, come to us always the LALA how OK! "turn to, I really can not expect such as Eric came back to go fishing.


A good hiking partner Jackson and the other birds and animals "Jie Musi time to pick me up. They lead the way carrying a fishing rod, I wear both hands along with down to the lake. The lake Longzhe circle of wildflowers Mau Tso, as wet a gouache painting. "At night you and Pete supper Oh, tomorrow we are going to leave, be sure to try the craft of Eunice!" Thank you! "They are very shy smile. After a day and a half of hiking and fishing, the two and Eric with the same card Ling Jing Shan''''s son identified, without regard to color, sex, race, and I am closer to them. We are all NATURE LOVER (love nature), Eric is the CITY MAN (city people), Jackson said. Fishing the best time is after six, we decided to walk along the lake, riding the flower line.

Near the shore floating like leaves and dense reddish brown plants, Jie Musi told me a very complicated Latin name Gole ... my turn to rip off, and asked it twice tongue tied. Well, three rows must be my teacher. Cold water Shining, explore hands down, Jackson is a Laozhu cardigans: slide down, then we immediately will go back to give you light a fire for heating, otherwise, the upper and lower teeth have to have "burst knock. "There are a MZUGU (white) to jump off the swim, the results we took him to the fireplace to dry." Jie Musi things by the book.

Talked and talked and talked about my country. They do not understand a little bit, but admiration. This two-day bird fleas lakes and mountains all the way to chat over the the sympathetic miles. Greet each family affairs, and the world are of the view. "When you come to China to have to find a good tour guide, otherwise it will get lost in the urban forest to find the police is useless, but here, without you, I would be lost was eaten by the leopard," I said: "China is another world, it is worth checking out, Eric is more than I do living in China. "we smile, They then have a more specific example to use your imagination: Eric gourmet beer belly, stylish shoes and jacket, piles of toiletries and skin care products. Always air or polite tone, even asking a question.
A good while, no words, just slowly walk through the silence at the lakeside trail. Flowers quietly abrupt walk disturb the the walked suddenly smelled the aroma of an refreshing. Surprised to look back, take a deep breath. Different fragrances. Cool, chilly, sweet, cold aroma. So enamored of this vast land of all kinds of wonderful little details. Every time a deep breath, are delivered out of his heart. In the old old movies inside of Nairobi, a Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant, cups and saucers the Geshi time messy, with a smile, suddenly glad to talk a nodding acquaintance with a friend, said: In Africa, I find some confirmation and answers. Admitted are talking about the topic, he paused, smiling: Here, I find the good weather and time. Without a trace, without knowing.

Scenery and the day, so mutual beloved, not separation. Laughing, drinking the cup of tea. Reluctantly, the outcome is open to the future, do not leave. To "If the child crossing the day before, and as usual got up early, in the courtyard drinking tea. The sun like a golden rain drop covered by tall acacia tree. Open hand, take a deep breath, turned to since early in the morning in a busy big brother said: "This is the sun, all willing." I smile, big brother rush out a cigarette dangling, turned Diuguo the three words: "I ​​know."

Craig gentleman some time ago has been living in his favorite "such as child crossing". His home LEWA DOWNS large annual rainy season ended, will hold a Telecom giant SAFARICOM sponsor Wildlife Refuge Marathon hailed as one of the most challenging marathon in the world: scorching sun of fly ash to the world players run wild in wild animals infested the land of Africa. The other side of Mount Kenya, Craig, the family friend telecommunications giant Mike has another cabin, you need a helicopter to reach. SAFARICOM Telecom CEO Mike personally surgeon latest ads large and surprisingly show like an epic spectacular grand land of mountains in Kenya, with a perfect black hymn harmonies. We are all in their own way, cherish.

The darkening sky, go on the boat. Jackson and Jiemu Si, a scull a scull boat row away from the shore. I put on a wind of life jackets, sitting in the stern, and leave the macrophyte area a bit further, it will be in the hands of fishing line "fly" out very carefully wind Yang out. Otherwise, just hanging a "fake flies" floating hook, will be inverted by the wind blowing back. British guests on the hook into its own after the neck, hook to still smile: ah, this is a very lucky last hook to my wife''''s ears. This fishing method, known as the "Lure fishing", the English fly fishing. Floating a fishing line hanging at the end of the root analog flies feathers very suited to a smart and lazy alpine cold water trout play. Fishing enthusiasts advocated by the so-called "fishing art, a test of patience and technology.

The hands of either side to hold two rods would not bet on luck, believe patience enough. The rod of the hands of the, produced in self-Scotland. Of this method for making false flies, has a name, called Miss Simpson. In 1896 a girl called Beth Wallis was born. 40 before the age of, she With twice make her reputation the unbearable marriage. King Edward met her, determined to abandon the country after his brother called "King George, Duke of Windsor. Mrs Beth Simpson from the Duchess of Windsor, "and said go down. Before the death of the Duke of Windsor in 1972, she has been living the swimming immortals days. Since then retire from the world will not, until his death in 1986. Such a figure, and a small lure, fate. Explained: the birth of this decoy system of law, it is English the whole country was greatly shock period. A trout, the only false bait temptation is so great, so the trout to give up its entire Kingdom. Therefore, a false bait, because she was Yoshina. The Windsors have seclusion in Kenya for a long time, now located in Nairobi, northern suburb of Wensha Hao Chinese Golf Club, has seen the traces of the old story.

Evening cold mist from the mountain was filled up, across the leather gloves, the fingers slowly stiff up. Lakes and mountains, it is the best time. Microfold the lake clear, unfathomable. The long fishing line always fell on Sanin inside. A scull, oars, time seemed to stop. Only slightly to move the shore landscape and stern Shiba. The men remained quiet, very quiet. But just the lake and saw a big fish feint pulls out the water. To know the fish in the lake, did not visit it.

Firmly sitting in the stern, and enjoy the blue and purple clouds and lake. This beautiful moment, put into the hands of that daily cup of tea, each bow to tea drinking, and will see a quiet and beautiful world. This cup of tea, on the Inn on a wood table or served in fine china or off the dust or was touch sprinkle a dash of or must be smiling, and slowly drained.

In many cases, walking in the land of Africa will always have a secret, think of strange for a long time a beautiful vocabulary: My Darling Clementine. It is wonderful, may be the outcome of that was always open to make these wonderful causal interactions associated. The African continent brutal and violent and vast beautiful and so perfect together. Not here, she will always be a rumor or legend. Prior to arrival, you will go through the many inns, many people will tell you about her story. Perhaps no one is true. And silently handed you a cup of tea, and said nothing.

After tea, hit the road. Let the landscape tell you, so that the Song of silence to tell you. The clouds fly over "such as child crossing" our boats quietly floating in the middle of the lake. Fish sink at the bottom. Hear the partners discuss softly rowed circle? Turn around and shook his head: "No, fish do not come, do not come we back to go, said to have dinner with, I had to go back and ready for it, I''''ll tell you the story of an old man fishing. he surnamed Jiang.

Light water ridge over there, a full moon full, bright and moist, penetrating all tangible. Body seems to be no more. Quietly drift back to shore. An idea, the other side of this side.

No gain, and Jackson all the way to help me collect wildflowers, full one on the table, a shy smile: "You take a break, we wait for a while a few come Eunice next time you come, will be fishingto fish, several articles, Eric heard this from the burned to warm the house, shouted: "fish, grilled fish?!" he stood on tiptoe to the hands of the walk behind Jie MusiLook: "No fish is not it, hey, that, today I hit a ten-minute phone fuck climb twenty minutes Hill, these guys do not know how they stay in this hell on two or three months, think about, every call you have to climb twenty minutes mountain. "

Jie Musi come from behind, hey, you see the water I just go to the bush and found a Han?! "He knows I am not afraid, will be a soil the Baji chameleon on my arm. Eric jumped back! Stared at me: "how do you scream?!" I was holding the chameleon close to him: "no fish no fish to eat fish it! Fish it! Do not want to not Come!" But he just stood two seconds, and then flee the scene fled into the house: "My wife will scream, how do you scream?!" I turned to the right side chase the shot to be rolling on Jie Musi said: "Half an hour later eat. Eunice cooking to, and not to be late and cold food will cool quickly. "chameleon on the vanilla heap, said:" Do you want to eat it to find it child go. "
Huts warm good night. In order to save Jackson from the foot of the mountain back to the gas, move some brain. Burned a pot of innovative version of the ground beef peas shallot fried rice with a small celery egg drop soup and Sausage, cut with a big honeydew melon. Then each a glass of pineapple juice. Does not take things to eat, and leave my friends. After dinner, I went to burn the coffee, Jackson helped me wash the dishes, chat with other people sitting in front of the fireplace. In the kitchen, I heard Eric triumphantly said, his unique tone of the high and mighty: "when you do any fishing, guess I''''m doing?! My own adventure, like the Masai, their around to the lake side, place a few pieces of children stone, you know? there! see your boat! Oh, also picked a few pine cones, to see, "ran over a few pine cones grab over: "Eric, do you not know that here there is a leopard? evening you go out?" Eric suddenly choked: "leopard?! Who said that?! there? Pitt? "ah," We all laughed.
Orange flames in the fireplace, as if the elves dance. In that large portion of a large portion of the logs, burning, particularly warm.
Night to sleep when the curtains. Exotic beautiful full moon night.

Forehead bright breakdown general, the people are cold burn.
Ta Ge OK "birds and fish."
Bear in mind that Kenya Mountain Home years

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