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Flamingo Teji  

 The flamingo, also known as red zygomatic migration birds, like clustering, distributed in the motor of the Mediterranean coast to the northwestern Indian Ocean, South Africa south of the south, west, West Indies, flamingo shape Crane, neck long curved feet very long, saw the webbed white body feathers reveals a rose-colored flight feathers, black belly feathers dark red, of various hue, gorgeous and extraordinary, Shrimp, clams, insects, algae, the birds for food, the natural conditions in Yinnakulu Lake, the alkaline composition of the lake and living algae rich food for attracting countless flamingos, $ 2.2 million as much as two-thirds of the world''''s flamingo. In addition, there are many animals, including the very rare white rhinoceros. The end of the year to next March, the watch flamingos period.




Flamingos like to live in groups. Flamingos in Africa is the world''''s largest birds. Flamingo is not strictly migratory birds. Migration only when the food shortages and environmental catastrophe. Migration is generally at night, while during the day when the high flight altitude, the purpose is to avoid the attacks of birds of prey. Migratory flamingo night of 50-60 kilometers per hour flying 600 km.



Flamingo legend: Loulan ancient state-owned a strange bird. The legend of their full-fledged and will fly south, kept flying, of feathers lit flame in the South Mountain fire from heaven, and will fire back to the ancient Loulan, Tianyi mountain ashes. Therefore, the Loulan people called him a flamingo. As the king of the protection of God, when the the Loulan prince punished into the tower, flamingos to accept God''''s punishment trapped in the Tower of Babel, once the alien invasive, flamingos will fire into the present, showing the extraordinary divine power, the body bright flame enveloped sharp beak sharp edge.

A large wading birds. Long neck, often S-shaped bend. The quintana long white reddish feathers. Red flamingo is not the original feather color, but from the intake of plankton found (according to scientists at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands in 2008 Professor Francesco Buda, and his experimental group members, through a precise means of quantum computing flamingos, salmon, shrimp, crab, showing the attractive bright red, because flamingos, salmon, shrimp, crab and so rich the astaxanthin referred to as the ASTA Chinese name is astaxanthin, and animals can not synthesize ASTA, shrimp, crabs by eating algae and plankton and other plants to obtain ASTA, salmon part edible shrimp, small crabs was the ASTA ASTA, in addition to the consumption of algae and plankton to obtain.
Flamingo through the consumption of shrimp, fish, algae, plankton, and other delivery ASTA, leaving the original white feathers transmission out bright red. Red more bright then fire
Strong birds more robust physique, the more we attract the opposite sex flamingo, the reproduction of future generations is even more outstanding. Special) for food flamingo''''s beak on beak under the beak



To be closer, and one only flamingo, the pink of the plumage deep shallow looked gorgeous gorgeous slender legs reflected in the water, as if the fire lead to burn the bottom of the lake Liang Chi Qingshu slow shaking from time to time, on the lakeset off round after round of red ripples. Once the accumulation of hundreds of thousands of flamingos together, a pool of water suddenly reflected whole body flush, to become one the inferno of flames transpiration. Na Gulu Lake flamingos group has always been referred to as "the world on fire never goes out a great spectacle.



Na Gulu lake in Africa known as the "Greater flamingo paradise. Daily, on top of the lake is always Fudong Zhao a bar red supergraphic, such as fallen by PASSING like Asaka Ying Chi Bi, and added a bit of a cool lake and charming charm to male risk of the Great Rift Valley. Woven into this beautiful supergraphic is flamingos. They are wearing white in the rosy pink feathers, two legs leisurely stand, the red hue deeper. From afar, the whole body red like a cloud of fire, two legs is red, like the blazing of fire cone.

Large flamingo often swim string in the shallow waters of the lake, wander wander the banks of the shore, cross the neck playing. On a whim, the flap edge wings stretch, long-necked shakes fitted to retighten the square dancing. Every time the lake and birds are each other, like Wan wandering peach tree in the water,. Xing Jin, ga la soon blew, suddenly thrust vacated, arranged neatly team, whipped around the lake. A lake peach then turned into a pink clouds, straight burned transit. Fantastic scenery, known as a superb view of the kingdom of the world''''s birds. To watch this superb view, each year hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world, to Nagu Lu Lake ...



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