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The highest honor in that range of children: The King of thinking  



The Lion King throat issued a series of deep grunts. It only exposed the teeth sharp, on the scalp tight, palms tingling, facial wrinkle followed up, Ah ah, the highest honor you want to display its power!

However, it is greatly frankly yawned: four sharp canines of the adult size of a thumb a good showing off a lot, will make our adrenaline accelerate the secretion of several times as much! Imagine the feeling that teeth embedded in the muscle. . . We keep silent to each play terror imagine, someone grabbed the arm of someone''''s home blasted pinch where vicious child blink feeling nervous, excited manner. . .

Thus, it left a yawn, a yawn right, lying, crooked, tummy. Afternoon the sweltering light and air, we follow yawned. Too much for lunch, early in the morning from Nairobi, killing over a long sixty-seven hours journey really tiring.

Finally, it quietly put the highest honor in the standard image. Motionless, eyes crossing the steppes behind us. Start to finish, the look did not look one. This makes a lot of intense half-day guys greatly displeased and children up to: Hey, strange? Really arrogant? Really have a range of children! Gold dark brown tri-color progressive hair pointy white lion mane in the breeze gently blowing.

Too close, our breathing is simmering. Mighty mane of the Lion King the other end a beautiful extremely quiet eyes, light air, into the thinking state.
It stood up the moment, all are slightly tilted back a bit. The Lion King is just slightly to a stop, kick to put the feet and slowly stand up. So thin, it was secretly exclaimed. Yes ah, an old Lion King. A lion king is generally maintained at two to three years. Wandering and waiting in the wings of the challenges together children before the king, was defeated, expelled from the territory of abjection and misery, but everything about the highest honor in his career inevitable.




Cats is the African lion, African lion of the reduction in the number, but they are not currently listed as endangered or threatened species (endangered) Asiatic lions. Its noble king of the forest''''s reputation, said diverse colors of the African lion, butlight yellow brown male lion standing shoulder up to four feet, 5-8 feet in length, average tail length of three feet and weigh up to 330-550 pounds in all cats, the lion of the strongest sense of communitythey can live in harmony. The chieftains lion''''s main responsibility is to defend the territory, the other lion was responsible for the protection of the lioness.

Did not recover the past, but far eyes to follow. Watched it to the bushes of the small stream side of a street, and suddenly "rushing", ha ha, standard painting from the boundary This is the daily routine of the most important task. We secretly follow the music!
Another scenario: the hot sun following dense bones. Around in lion territory, common.

The left hand is not far from the beautiful Lion King to lie down to ponder, in a not dense CROTON (wild Crotonic) Grove. Just prime it, gorgeous coat fullness. Well, muscle and belly are obvious.


Rao is the children in general, it suddenly place rub the itch, such as a lovely big cat. Snore snore throat inside, holding the claw claw, squinting their own entertainment. Raising a small array of dust.


But after a moment, it is quiet. Zhang eyes, where meditation. We had to wait for a while, and then waited. Its position or that. Because there is no posture, patience quietly turned into a close-up of its physical detail. From the nose to the testicles. Later, we bored but happy to leave. There is no story, but the vision to meet. Ate the highest honor a Dayton tofu.


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