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Nomadic Kenya perennial African Dream (Photo)  


African grasslands, spring, full of vitality, endless prairie green cover

Green umbrella acacias distraction standing in the grasslands the Dayun tree full of red flowers play burned clouds Kilimanjaro foot of the mountain flocks of flamingos dancing, Masai catch migratory herds, red cloak, such asspread wings in the wind. Kenya to each one go to the dreamlike memories of the people there, along with the sublime in distant manner.
Grasslands of Africa in the spring, full of vitality, endless prairie green cover, animals live in a leisurely manner in this, here is their paradise. Open fields, the free gazelle, a light rain, Kenya Abou Buse Li National Park more mystery and fascination.



Marseille are mainly distributed in the steppe zone of southern Kenya and northern Tanzania

The Masai are mainly distributed in the steppe zone of southern Kenya and northern Tanzania, followed the traditional way of life, living under strict tribal system, responsible for the management of tribal chiefs and elders meeting. Adult men by age level, engaged in nomadic Ranch into public ownership. The Maasai of the adult men build compiled pigtail, the young women to shave their heads, dress in red for the tone, colorful. Men armed with javelins and shields, mighty rough woman, beauty, wearing "Hom Karma, whole body wrapped in beads and collar, the neck, sleeve shawl, born tie Erduoyan, then gradually increase the weight of the ornaments.


Leisurely elephant in the prairie

Before you go to Africa, the mind always as synonymous with Africa''''s poverty, disease, famine, when I really set foot on the African continent, all the imagination by the beauty in front of subversion: here is full of blue sky and white clouds, green lawn.full of vitality in Africa, and maintain a diverse culture, and still pure. National Park in 肯尼亚西察 fertile patches of acacia tree, the African elephant a living in this beautiful home.




Even groups of lions accompanied by about the face of the Masai always written frankly.
Kenya''''s history should be established in most parts of the world''''s history. Archaeological excavations show that mankind has regional activities in Kenya is home to over 450 million years. Travel in Kenya, you can appreciate this unique cultural puzzle, or even traced back the origin of the human world. The history and tradition after century are preserved. Masai, colorful, living in this land, livestock for a living, the grasslands of Africa that is their ranch, full of danger, full of vigor. Even if the groups of lions accompanied by left and right, but the face of the Masai always written frankly.
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Nairobi: Nairobi, capital must be passed through in-depth Kenya. In Swahili, which is the meaning of the "cool place", no wonder where cool is absolutely raise doubts that it is only 150 km away from the equator of the city. In the 1970s, Nairobi was chosen as the headquarters of the United Nations Environment Programme, United Nations the fifth largest center outside of New York, Geneva, Paris and Vienna. In 1905, in view of its good climatic conditions and excellent location, the British colonial authorities to the capital of Kenya from Mombasa moved here. 100 years, Kenya gained its independence and freedom, Nairobi, also from the development of tin huts and tents station for a large-scale international metropolis.
Mombasa: Mombasa is East Africa''''s oldest city, the East-West trade routes distribution center. In 1405, Zheng He led a fleet of seven ocean voyages, the farthest reach of today in Mombasa, Kenya, was called "slow eight Caesar. Mombasa coast salvage the sunken ship, a large number of Chinese porcelain of the Ming and Qing dynasties exquisite Chinese porcelain in the local position, a sign of wealth, in some places will porcelain used as a common currency ancient city on the site of a "Chinese banks , is said to be Arabs in the local Chinese coins to open.
Transport: Guangzhou to Nairobi via Dubai transit Qatar Airways ( in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, transit via Doha to Nairobi.
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