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Security Tourism is the most important  

Kenya National Tourism Safety in general is good, but due to the gap between rich and poor, we must absolutely pay attention to safety, travel safety awareness should be the first place:
(1) Hand in Hand Do not act alone (Night Do not go out).
Valuables and documents safe custody, passports, air tickets do not carry, do not carry large amounts of cash and eye-catching bags, jewelry. Carry shopping and dining packages and valuables away from the line of sight do not leave the body or .
Go out to ride to choose a fixed car rental site, good condition of the car, the car should be doors and windows fastened, in the case of complex lots of people are not familiar with the car a long time to pay attention to the window or windows buckle dead. Night Do not multiply not a stranger a ride.
Accommodation To select a higher grade of the lot, security is more formal, more solid doors and windows, robbed the history of the hotel, the habit of readily lock to plug the door, Do not open the door did not clarify the visitors identity.
5 go out to carry the passport copy and residence address, telephone number (not a foreign language, common language to be equipped with card) do not get entangled with strangers, to ask the way and do the best to ask the staff of the shops and institutions, do not buy contraband items Do not accept not familiar with the person entrusted with custody is not clear package and articles.
6, Do not resist, unless you can in one fell swoop uniform. This rarely occurred in the case of the country in the robbery is generally not harmful to people.
Kenya climate sooner or later, cooler careful not to cold, to attractions with thicker clothes. Pay attention to safety, to comply with points of interest rules.

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