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The Great Rift Valley, the highest zone in the whole of Africa, East Africa''''s Rift Valley Plateau area, the total area of ​​over 500 million square kilometers, accounting for 1/6 of the African area, Africa, several peaks above 4500 meters above sea level, all located inthis natural area, including the famous Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya, Mount Elgon. Great Rift Valley (the Great Rift Valley) is one in 35 million years ago, formed by the crustal movement of the African Forum geographical wonders, its ecology, geography and human culture are quite unique, and the main attractions is the current tourism enter from Kenya.



The famous "Great Rift Valley, a few dozen to 200 km wide, a depth of 1000-2000 meters, the Gubi such as sliced ​​ax, a length equivalent to 1/6 of the circumference of the earth, the world''''s largest rift zone, it was vividly called it "a big scar on the earth''''s epidermis.
The contour of the Rift Valley in Kenya is very clear it from north to south, the country split into two halves, just across the country the equator intersect, Kenya, therefore, to obtain a very interesting title: "East African cross . Rift Valley on both sides of the ruined cliff, rolling hills, like a towering stack wall, took the capital of Nairobi on the rift the southern end of the east "wall" at the top. Cliffs, looking ahead, saw the rift at the bottom of the pine and cypress Emerald, unfathomable, Zuozuo extinct volcano like projectiles thrown in a gully, like a string of lakes and sparkling gems.


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